Holistic Center for Inspired Living

​Holistic Center for Inspired Living

50 Sand Creek Road, Suite 320
Brentwood, CA 94513
(800) 919-2392

Our focus is to teach, model and inspire better living for individuals, couples and families. 

We counsel, coach, teach and inspire everyone to live with their own values with clarity and freedom of choice. 

We offer traditional and alternative therapy, holistic health services, energy healing and body work.  

We specialize in responsible relationships, effective communication, holistic health and whole life success. 

We are well-trained professionals, dedicated to serving everyone with respect, integrity, compassion and enthusiasm.

Life is for giving. Everyone is a gift! 

Call or email one of our practitioners 
or request an interview with Dr. Betty Lue at 800-919-2392 
to know who is right for you.